About Town - May 30, 2013

MONDAY WAS MEMORIAL DAY: a time of flags, programs, memorials, gatherings at the cemeteries to say a word to our loved ones who have gone before us, and to reminisce about the days gone by and about the fun we had. A time to say, “We miss them!” A time to say a “thank you” to those in the service; to those who have lost their lives protecting us, and we

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About Town - May 23, 2013

How exciting for our sixty-plus graduates. They have all done wonders, receiving $691,250 in scholarship awards; with eleven students going to colleges out-of-state, ten to CSU, nine to CU, three to UNC, one each to DU and Mesa State, and many others to various colleges and technical schools in Colorado. We are mighty proud of you, and wish you the best as you

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How To Straighten A Crooked Log

By Ron Gosnell
Editor’s note: Ron Gosnell is a retired forester who lives in the Lyons area and who has helped owners manage their forests for over forty years.

With summer coming, many forest landowners will soon be hard at work to make their homes, property, and family safer from wildfire. This usually involves cutting down excess trees and brush. Often the lower quality trees are selected for removal in a “fuel reduction” process. The result is that in many cases, the crooked logs of cut trees look to be worthless.  Landowners or contractors end up cutting them into random-length pieces for easier handling, to be manually loaded and then dropped off at a place that accepts this material.

This may be the easiest thing to do depending upon circumstance. However, when there are enough trees of reasonable quality to be thinned, that presents an opportunity to cut wood products. To do so is not that difficult. Wood posts, rails, poles and saw logs must be fairly straight, branchless with flush cuts, and have straight-end cuts to specific

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Ethiopian Slide Show At Farmette

Several years ago, Neil and Connie Sullivan, owners of the St. Vrain Market, adopted twins from Ethiopia, Earlier this year Neil, in conjunction with PRIDE, a non-profit group the couple has become involved with, had an incredible opportunity to revisit the country, and travel to some of the most breath taking rural areas of Ethiopia. The people he traveled

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Discounted Local Tix Available At The Cup

With final additions including John Prine and Colin Hay, Planet Bluegrass is excited to announce the single-day lineup for the 23rd Annual Rocky Mountain Folks Festival (August 16 to18).  These new additions join a lineup that already included Loreena McKennitt, John Butler Trio, Colin Meloy, Patty Griffin, and many others.

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Yarn Bomb?

Sandra De Vries is a Dutch artist, who has been friends with Lyons artist Jacob Leeuwenburgh (also from Netherlands) since they were in high school. When they recently re-connected after twenty years, De Vries, who now lives in Vernon, British Columbia, mentioned that her latest artistic endeavors revolved around “yarn bombs.” If you are familiar with the artist Cristo, and how he “wraps” statues, trees, buildings, bridges, and even islands with silk, yarn bombing is similar, except that De Vries uses knitted yarn to

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Humming House

Irish pubs and whiskey may have been part of the humble origins of the Nashville-based band Humming House, but it was the co-producer of their debut album, Grammy award-winning Mitch Dane, who heard these musicians playing together before they were even a band. According to lead vocalist and songwriter, Justin Wade Tam, “Prior to the album, and living in Nashville, the current band members would sing Celtic tunes for fun and drink Irish whiskey in a town where musicians often don’t get a break.” Everything

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