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Roads Traveled by Linda L Omundson

What comes to mind when considering a trip to Utah, The Great Salt Lake, Mormon Temple, and national parks? We’ll look here at some Utah attractions. Let’s say you can only visit Salt Lake City; consider these sites within the city or nearby. 

We lived in Salt Lake City from 1983 to 1985. While there, I served as a docent at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts on the University of Utah campus. The museum offers a permanent collection of art objects from classical to contemporary including its signature piece, Walking Buddha. It holds fifteen special exhibits each year. One year they exhibited

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About Town - March 19, 2015

In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known that the author of this column is an elected official. Her opinions are hers, and do not necessarily reflect those of the entire Board of Trustees. 

Hi you all!  It was St. Patrick’s Day on Tuesday, and I celebrated by a “Wearin’ of the Green.”  We should all be  proud  of our Irish ancestry and celebrate with the Celtics at Oskar Blues. This is the day  to remember the fight the Irish had; why they came to America; how thousands of those who had a small infraction were shipped to Australia. Yes, read the

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Get Outside and Give Back to Colorado’s Outdoors as a Volunteer this Season

Work to protect forests from future devastating wildfires, build a trail in the wilderness, repair Colorado’s flood-damaged parks, embark on a canoe adventure while restoring endangered plant habitat, and help sustain popular trails from the Front Range to the high country.  These are just a few of the more than 55 volunteer stewardship opportunities offered by Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) in 2015, between

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Weight Training For All Weather

Keeping Lyons Fit by Mary Chase

As I write this I may be like many of you loving the sunshine of spring that is streaming down upon me. However that sunshine comes with many different caveats including gym members who want to enjoy the great outdoors and abandon ship in their resistance training. Believe me I understand. I love running outside among the other many fun outdoor activities that attracted me to Colorado and our fine little foothills town. However it is important to remember that weight training is for all weather and all seasons. 

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On The Way To Yellowstone And The Grand Tetons

Roads Traveled by Linda L. Osmundson

Two routes take you to Yellowstone National Park, I-25 or Highway 287. Both present tourist attractions. We’ve already covered the detour to Fort Laramie, so we’ll go straight to Douglas via I-25 north.

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Increased Coyote Activity

With increased coyote activity reported in Boulder neighborhoods, Colorado Parks and Wildlife would like to remind residents in the surrounding areas to protect their pets, to frighten (haze) coyotes that are in the area, and to not feed wildlife. Several cats have been killed in the Newlands neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods of Boulder, and coyotes have been seen in these areas during daylight hours.

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Attention Local Artists

The City of Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) Department encourages local artists to submit artwork for its summer “Art Inspired by the Land” exhibition, an art show that celebrates the lands OSMP conserves and maintains. This community event will showcase art created by community artists and inspired by OSMP’s diverse landscapes.

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