Healthy Kids

Do you need health insurance for your kids? Are you having trouble paying high monthly premiums? Boulder County Healthy Kids helps eligible families enroll in the Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) and Medicaid programs.

Benefits include preventative care, immunizations, dental care, emergency visits, prescriptions, mental health services, vision, and more. The income guidelines for CHP+ are higher than other governmental programs,

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Sounds Of Lyons Music Festival

Mintze Wu, the founder and driving creative force behind the Sounds of Lyons Music Festival (not to mention a pretty fair fiddle player), is back in town for the fifth annual festival to be performed this weekend. Wu invites the commaunity to please come join her and a stellar mix of world-renowned musicians for the special edition of Sounds of Lyons Season Five on June 14 through 16! With buoyant creativity

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About Town - June 12, 2013

What a glorious week,of showing off the attributes of Lyons, Colorado.  Thanks to Ellen Hine and cohorts for getting the Lyons Art Walk Weekend together, to the Lyons Arts and Humanities Council for the Art Show and Film Fest, and to all other venues (Mayama, Comma Open Studio, Jacob Leeuwenburgh and Kahlie Sue Pinello’s art show at Ferg’s Inn, Lyons Redstone Museum, Quilt Show, Garden Club, Corner Studios, Longmont Spellbinders, and Lyons Community Theatre, Lyons Dairy Bar Kids Art Show, Tisha Woods art show at the Stone Cup & Kitchen, Clarifer Project, Emilyn Inglis student recital, photography exhibit at The Fork, walk around Lyons with artists, and the Death Café at Lyons Yoga & Wellness) that sported the towns amenities.  Coco and the Matneys were busy with the Skywalk and Red

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Musical Weekend Delights At The Cup

The Stone Cup & Kitchen continues their free summer weekend musical brunch series throughout the month of June. This Saturday, June 15, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., it’s modern country music with Longmont singer/songwriter Treena McCurdy. On Sunday, June 16, from 9 a.m. to noon, it’s the “fiddling star” Teddy Carr.

The following weekend, Jordan Avery Mestas will be playing on Saturday, June 22, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. On Sunday, June 23, relax, sip on a Mimosa or a Bloody Sam, perhaps grab a little brunch, and enjoy the eclectic, lyrical jazz-rock-folk fusion of Aural Elixir, aka Jesse

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The Fat About Fats

Last week  in the article, “The Skinny on Fats.” I wrote about the information we can gather from understanding our blood work results relating to our body's fat metabolism; cholesterol, triglycerides and more.

In many cases, the culprit for imbalances in our fat metabolism is the liver.  What is helpful to understand, is that fats do make us fat, when they are the bad fats. 

As our society transitioned from an agrarian culture influenced primarily from ancestral dietary traditions, the convenience factor started

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A Quick Waltz Through Lyons Art Walk Weekend

By Chrystal DeCoster

Waltzing through the town of Lyons this past weekend were arts - two three, music - two three, and film - two three.
This annual Lyons Arts and Humanities Commission (LAHC) sponsored event is ever morphing thanks to the constant quick steps of artistic efforts, volunteer energies, community response, and granted support from such entities as the Lyons Community Foundation.
Choreographed by Ellen Hine, who made certain that there was something for everyone, the events boasted an array of local talent in

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Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks

By Dave McIntyre, Lyons Bluesologist

In a career that has its start in the beginnings of the San Francisco rock music scene as a drummer for the nearly forgotten rock group, the Charlatans (the band that some say, “started it all”), through a series of classic recordings in the 1970’s as leader of Dan Hicks and

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