About Town - February 20, 2014

Hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day! It was nice that Mayama furnished babysitting for parents so they could have the “night out.” A great gesture ($20 per child with fun, snacks, and good care); so thank you. Ken Wajda had some good movies at the Lyons Cinema &

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For Both Lovers & Haters

Taylor Radio Headlines In The Tree House!  Sat., Feb. 15, 7:30 pm
Spirit Hound Distillers, 4196 Ute Highway (66), 303-823-5696

Comida Food Truck will be serving their tasty eats & we will have a new Lover's Punch that will keep you warm from head to toe!

And always, on Thursdays we host Open Mic Night & Potluck starting at 7 p.m.

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Serve a Satisfying Soup

Chilly outside? Nothing warms like a steaming bowl of soup. If thoughts of a cozy and comforting pot of soup make you hungry, here is a recipe that's short on time, but long on flavor and satisfaction.

Forget about a tedious ingredient list and lots of simmering time.

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About Town - February 13, 2014

Another cold week gone by. Around five to ten degrees below freezing. Several have had their pipes freeze. Be sure to let the water drip a little. Doesn’t take much, but you need some water circulating. We have had a hard winter, and on top of the flood.  Woe is us! (Editor’s note: grammatically, I believe “Woe are we” is correct)

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Exposing Undernutrition

Smiling with glee at the tickle of a toe, flying paper airplanes in the wind and jumping rope in the schoolyard are all signs of a happy and healthy childhood. Yet millions of children worldwide lack access to the nutrients

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Merle Dean Johnson

IN MEMORY OF MERLE DEAN JOHNSON, March 29, 1930-February 10, 1999, by his family: Wife-Dorothy (Schlagel) Johnson, Children-Michael & Shari (Tennant) Johnson, children Sara and Keifer;  and Pam and Andy Maestas, children AJ and Angela and Chris Hale of Aurora and one great grandson, Jack..

We fondly remember Merle, long-time area surveyor; a 1948 graduate of Lyons High School, with classmates-James Brodie,

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Imagine a musical laboratory where the Electro-Americana Rock n’ Roll of Arthur Lee Land is combined with the techno/jazz/funk/improv infused goodness of gogoLab’s dance research. Then

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