Every Calorie Counts

Today as I arise I am thankful for so many things in Lyons Colorado.  I am thankful that so many in our beautiful little town will be able to enjoy Thanksgiving in the town and home we love.  I think after the flood that will forever change us, but not define us, I am aware of how blessed we truly are in overabundance of family, friends, and community. Ironically

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About Town - Nov. 28, 2013

THANKSGIVING IS HERE; a time for us all to say thank you. To all who saved us from the flood; to all who helped everyone; to all who came and are still coming to help; to all the volunteers from Lyons and everywhere; to all the students who gave to our school’s programs; to all for your support; for the hot meals after the flood, and our Thanksgiving dinner. It is truly overwhelming how helpful and caring folks are! 

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About Town - Nov. 21, 2013

Another week gone by, and Lyons is making it! Everyone is proud of the way the Town is recovering.

Let’s give credit to Victoria, Town Manager, Mayor Julie, Board members Sandy Banta (ongoing engineer who meets with the officials everyday at 4 p.m.), Dawn Weller (liaison to the Sustainable Futures Commissio), Kirk Udovich (liaison for PCDC, who are

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CAN’d Aid And Stringdusters Team Up

Oskar Blues Brewery announced plans early this week to team up with nationally-touring bluegrass/high country band, The Infamous Stringdusters to raise money for individuals, families, and small business affected by the flooding that washed through Colorado in September.

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Poetry Corner

Magic 8-Ball

I shake my magic 8 Ball
what do I see?
The whole world round
Out in front of me
Visual, artistic realms
Cohabitating with real life
Experiences persist amongst the turbulence
Making performance life art
Form and function flowing, imitating
Real vs. Imagined?
Observation relation
Magic 8-Ball
Tell me the tale
Tell me the TRUTH

By: Martin Soosloff

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Area Artists Honor Gentle Giant

Boulder County Parks and Open Space is proud to present, “Carve! Selected Works from the Hygiene Champion Cottonwood,” on exhibit at the Longmont Museum from November 23, 2013 through January 20, 2014. The public is invited to attend the exhibit

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About Town -Nov. 14, 2013

NOVEMBER 11, IS VETERANS DAY. Yes, a day to honor our veterans of all wars, who fought for us through the years since 1776, because we did not like the English rule.   Since then we have had many wars, and they are still happening, luckily not in America. But our service men and women are sent to fight overseas, all for the cause to keep Americans save.  We truly owe each and every one of them our deep gratitude. “The Land of the Brave, and the Home of the Free”  God bless and keep you all!

Our thanks to the Lyons High School and other bands of the St. Vrain District who participated in the Veterans Day Parade in Longmont on Monday.

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