About Town - February 6, 2014

We were all dashed by the Broncos 43 to 8 Super Bowl loss. How could they play so terribly? It is hard to realize that it could happen after all their work of getting there. That brings us back to other years when we were

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Fun tips to boost your culinary know-how

What can a camel teach you about grilled cheese? Camels like the Sahara desert because it is dry. Grilled cheese sandwiches also like a hot and dry environment - the pan. Put the butter or oil on the outside of the

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Why Yoga for the New Year?

By Lori Flynn
Happy New Year! Each year we ring in the new, honor the old, kiss the past goodbye and nurture thoughts of what will best serve us in the upcoming twelve months. That’s right, it’s resolution time.

Let’s not kid ourselves and pretend that fitness, wellness and health will not spearhead the resolution initiative. It should! Our body is our vehicle and it has to last us the whole time

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Calling all Lyons fiber artists to enter a piece of fiber art in Estes Park's FACE of Fiber in the Rockies 2014 special themed exhibit "THE FLOOD". It will a display of works dedicated to how you were affected by the disaster. The subject and type of creation will be left to the artists interpretation of the theme.

Entry deadline is April 19, 2014 for the June 6,7,8 show at the Historic Elkhorn Lodge in Estes Park. Additional info and entry forms - www.fiberartsep.com.


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Are You Still Resolving?

Keeping Lyons Fit! by Mary Chase

We are twenty plus days into 2014. Last year was quite a year for Lyons. Maybe along the way we weren’t able to do the things we wanted to because our daily survival in a flood ravaged town became our priority. So since life has now returned to as close of a normal daily life as possible, I have heard

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Manage Hunger with Wholesome Foods

Whether you're following a weight loss plan or simply maintaining healthy habits, finding foods that are nutritious sources of protein and promote satiety can help curb your urge to snack throughout the day.

Wholesome soyfoods can replace other foods in your diet that might be adding too much fat, sugar and

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Traveling In Luxury – At Sea

Roads Traveled With Linda L. Osmundson

I love “at sea” days aboard a ship. For the Sea of Cortez cruise, I decided against Bingo, pasta cooking, digital workshop, a movie, or more. My goal was to do nothing on those four days but relax, read, write, and listen or dance to music. Each day was similar to the first “at sea” day.

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