Merle Dean Johnson

IN MEMORY OF MERLE DEAN JOHNSON, March 29, 1930-February 10, 1999, by his family: Wife-Dorothy (Schlagel) Johnson, Children-Michael & Shari (Tennant) Johnson, children Sara and Keifer;  and Pam and Andy Maestas, children AJ and Angela and Chris Hale of Aurora and one great grandson, Jack..

We fondly remember Merle, long-time area surveyor; a 1948 graduate of Lyons High School, with classmates-James Brodie,

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Serve a Satisfying Soup

Chilly outside? Nothing warms like a steaming bowl of soup. If thoughts of a cozy and comforting pot of soup make you hungry, here is a recipe that's short on time, but long on flavor and satisfaction.

Forget about a tedious ingredient list and lots of simmering time.

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Imagine a musical laboratory where the Electro-Americana Rock n’ Roll of Arthur Lee Land is combined with the techno/jazz/funk/improv infused goodness of gogoLab’s dance research. Then

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Exposing Undernutrition

Smiling with glee at the tickle of a toe, flying paper airplanes in the wind and jumping rope in the schoolyard are all signs of a happy and healthy childhood. Yet millions of children worldwide lack access to the nutrients

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Poetry Corner - Feb 13, 2014

The Timing of LIFE!

Life is Timing
Spinning wheel got to go round
Seems as if I am 7 minutes late for
the way I want everything to play out

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Inaugural Art On The Green

The inaugural Art on the Green fine art festival will come to historic downtown Lyons, Colorado, on the weekend of July 12 to 13.  More than seventy-five intriguing artisans will fill Sandstone Park with their creative and original artwork. A portion of the proceeds from Art on the Green will benefit the Lyons Community Foundation.

The most talented and engaging artists from around the country have been invited to

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Colorado Potatoes Are For Lovers

Each month, the Colorado Department of Agriculture features a different commodity to highlight the variety and quality of products grown, raised or processed in the state. This month, Colorado potatoes are featured in the Bacon Cheddar Potato Cakes recipe.

February is Potato Lover’s Month and the perfect time to enjoy Colorado potatoes. Colorado produces more than 2 billion pounds of potatoes each year. One medium sized potato, eaten

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