About Town -Nov. 14, 2013

NOVEMBER 11, IS VETERANS DAY. Yes, a day to honor our veterans of all wars, who fought for us through the years since 1776, because we did not like the English rule.   Since then we have had many wars, and they are still happening, luckily not in America. But our service men and women are sent to fight overseas, all for the cause to keep Americans save.  We truly owe each and every one of them our deep gratitude. “The Land of the Brave, and the Home of the Free”  God bless and keep you all!

Our thanks to the Lyons High School and other bands of the St. Vrain District who participated in the Veterans Day Parade in Longmont on Monday.

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About Town - Nov. 7, 2013

Another week gone by, and things are getting better in Lyons.  More utilities were turned on this weekend with more people in their homes, more businesses opening up in town, just a night patrolman, but still curfew10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Debris is being picked up, more roads and streets opened; some areas do not have utilities yet, but will within a week or two.  The report was good for most, but not pleasing to the areas that cannot have gas unless they have water. PATIENCE is the word!

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About Town -October 31, 2013

HOME! HOME! SWEET, SWEET HOME! It’s what residents of 700 Lyons homes are singing this week. After being away for six weeks, it takes some getting used to. Although, the gas man never came to my home, it is getting close (this Thursday).  Again, thanks to all friends, family, hotels, apartments for

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Snack Simply with Sunflower Seeds

Each month, the Colorado Department of Agriculture features a different commodity to highlight the variety and quality of products grown, raised or processed in the state. This month, Colorado sunflower seeds are featured in the Chewy Granola Bars recipe.

Colorado produces 55 million pounds of sunflower seeds each year. The state ranks seventh in the nation for sunflower production.

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Welcome Home, Lyons!

Keeping Lyons Fit! with Mary Chase

It is so wonderful to have Lyonites moving home. There are lights in homes and warmth in spirit abounding everywhere. The businesses are opening their doors and the people are starting to walk inside those businesses.  As we all know, Mother Nature has done a real number on our quirky little town. Usually

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Celebration of Life For Gerald Boland

At least a thousand students, friends, colleagues, cohorts, acquaintances, and family attended a Celebration of Life ceremony for Gerald Boland, who was caught in the raging floodwaters in the early morning hours of  September 12, and died.

He and wife Cheron heard the Lyons Fire Protection District’s volunteer firemen’s bull horn as they went up the North St. Vrain Road warning residents to

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About Town -October 24, 2013

GOOD NEWS! Several neighborhoods of town will be going home this weekend. Yea, for us, and Yea for the Town Staff and all their co-horts for working so hard to get us back home.

Actually, most of us probably enjoyed our stay-away-from-home to find out how others live, what are their activities, their habits, what they eat, exercise, go to, etc. It is different when you live there, than visit for just a few hours. I found Niwot an intriguing town, but hard to meet

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