About Town -September 26, 2013

Hi Everyone: This has truly been a sad week to see our town battered like it was.
And more disheartening to realize that one person died, the many buildings and homes and land lost, but  we are thankful we all made it outin the middle of the night!  It seems to us that things are moving slowly, but the infrastructure of our town is the most important.

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Verdi Commeration Concert Cancelled

The Longmont Chorale Announces that they are sorry they have had to Cancel the Verdi Commeration Concert scheduled for Oct. 13 
No rehearsals until further notice
Any tickets purchased can be returned for a full refund or can be used for the Christmas Concert on Dec. 8
If you have questions please contact The Chorale at 303-651-7664

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Paddling To Alaska – Part VIII

By Kelly Yelverton
Editor’s Note: Lyons resident Kelly Yelverton recently graduated from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. To celebrate her accomplishment, she and a friend have decided to paddle their sea kayaks on a 1,200-mile journey through the Inside Passage to Alaska. She will be sending updates and photo of her adventure throughout the summer.

The day we left San Juan Island I received some words of advice. “Love the adventure for where it takes you.” This adventure has definitely taken us to some

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May Peace Prevail On Earth

Roads Traveled with Linda L. Osmundson

Every morning whether I need to get up or not, my eyes pop open at 7 a.m. This morning I discovered light rain still clouds the air one week from when the rain started. Like many others I pray for all those devastated by the Colorado floods and those in Lyons surrounded by impassable roads and flooding waters.

Lyons deserves a peace pole. The Youth Art Peace Pole Project aims to create fifty poles in fifty states by the September 21, 2014 International Day of Peace.

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About Town -September 12, 2013

Aaaahh, cooler weather, and some rain. We can’t deny we enjoy that. We have had more than forty-seven days of  ninety degree weather this summer.  We will be happy to welcome fall and cooler weather next week.

The boys beat Yuma 23-14 in football last Friday, and on Saturday the cross-country team took second in the St. Vrain Invitational meet they hosted

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About Town -September 19, 2013

Hi all.  Compliments to the Lyons Recorder for finding a place (Bob Gilson’s brother in Longmont) to produce the Lyons Recorder. We need a paper, to read after we get our wits back in order, and as a way to preserve this history, which we will remember as “’The Worst Flood Ever!”

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Joan House

Joan House

July 9, 1927 – August 29, 2013

Joan Elizabeth House passed away August 29, in Greeley surrounded by her family.  Joan was born July 9, 1927 in Chicago, Illinois to John J. Kelly and Rosa Freund Kelly. Joan graduated from Lyons High School and Barnes Business College.

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