About Town - May 1, 2014

Another week gone by, and no snow or rain. However, even if the rivers are getting a lot of run-off, the City of Longmont is releasing water (125 to 175 cfs) daily to draw down the reservoir for debris removal, a “little” rain would help. Of course the run-off from all that snow (157

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New Beginnings

Keeping Lyons Fit!

By Mary Chase

It is spring, a time of new weather, new growth, and new beginnings. Our little town has had a rough go of it in the last couple of months so I think we can all agree we are ready for positive new beginnings. So in this new season, what are the new beginnings you need to make to be successful? I

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Lynn D. Newth

Lynn D. Newth, age 67, died at his home in Niwot on April 3, from accidental causes. His son Jerry Newth of Holdrege, Nebraska, his daughter Jolene Duncan of Lyons, his father, two brothers, one

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By Bonnie DiSalvo
There was once upon a time
when street signs made sense
and lines gave directions.
But the waters came
and turned me around
causing waves of confusion
and unsteady ground.
Now earthworms work
along side of me
as we break down
and rebuild.
Between my fingers
they whisper to me
as I sort
through stones and memories.
They tell me of the crickets
who are preparing to sing
of present moments
intertwined with blood moons
and stories of long ago and far away.

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LOV Thanks You Lynn!

By Reena Rotz, LOV Deployment Director

I’ve been working as the LOV (Lyons Organized Volunteers) Saturday Deployment Director for a few months. To be brief, after homeowners fill out a form to request help, our team of Work Order

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About Town - April 24, 2014

Easter was a glorious day, reminding us that the Lord “rose from the dead” on Easter morning; thus, as did  “Our Town of Lyons, Colorado” stated Pastor Emily of the Lyons Community Church. Yes, Lyons rose from the flood, from despair, and things are looking up for most (however, not all) this Easter season.  We must “hang in there” for new beginnings and have faith this Easter season.

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Estes Votes Overwhelmingly For Wellness

Voters in the town of Estes Park overwhelmingly (nearly 61%) backed a ballot initiative on April 1, supporting the sale of a lot in downtown Estes Park to the Grand Heritage Hotel Group for the construction of an industry-leading medical and wellness tourism facility. The project will

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