The Amy Francis Quartet premiered a new musical composition with Chase the Music at the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children just before Christmas. The piece, entitled "Christmas is You" is a touching piece giving hope, love and joy to the children that it was written for. These children are in situations


Nola Basey's college volleyball career is winding down. Nola played volleyball and ran track for Lyons High School before attending Denver University on a volleyball scholarship. Her DU volleyball team qualified for the NCAA Division-1 Tournament by winning the Summit League



By Linda L. Osmundson

In the past, women have conquered many obstacles and succeeded in their fields of choice. Women artists were no different. In order to sell their works in the early days, they seldom signed their own names. They used a made-up name or their husband’s. Why? Because women were not accepted as artists. A daughter was expected to



Winter can be an especially perilous time to be on the roads. Snow, ice, fog and longer nights present challenges to drivers that can lead to crashes.

People do less driving in winter, yet we have more crashes per mile driven. Some 10,780 people were killed in car crashes


As Quentin Tarantino fans are gearing-up for his latest movie, H8ful Eight, to hit theaters this January, Coloradans are even more thrilled to see their beautiful state showcased on the big screen. The new western was filmed near the stunning southwest Colorado town of Telluride. But, H8ful Eight is not the only big

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