About Town - November 26, 2015

In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known the author of this column is an elected official. Her opinions are hers, and do not necessarily reflect those of the entire Board of Trustees.

Another week gone by and it is Thanksgiving.  We each have many things to be thankful for; housing, clothes, food, family and friends, a job, retirement, good health, and most of all to keep living. Yes, we express our thanks for everything. Enjoy Thanksgiving, a day to give our thanks.  (I read where there are 880 million people in the world are eating 48 million turkeys.)

 It will soon be time to put your petition in to run for the town board. The deadline is January 25.  All seven seats (Mayor and six Trustees) are up for election. Four votes against marijuana would ax it. Do we need the money, as the state is bringing in millions? A big question. Round up those who said they can find us housing, want or do not want marijuana,

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Funk, Blues & Bluegrass

By David McInyyre, Lyons Bluesologist

This coming weekend is a perfect example of an eclectic group of bands and music for your listening and dancing pleasure.
Friday evening, November 27, starts with a band out of Denver called Digg. Digg happens when the music hits just right. When you can’t help but to nod your head, gyrate your body,

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About Town - November 19, 2015

Another week gone by, winter is coming. However, Lyons (declared in the banana belt) did not get that big snow and blizzard like they did down in the eastern part of the state.  Yes, we are mighty lucky!

I was given a reprimand Monday night at the Town Board meeting for my Code of Ethics transgression. I admitted I did it and am sorry for the mess-up. I will receive a letter of reprimand and maybe go to some training. However, I misconstrued who knew the information I was seeking when I didn’t get an answer from Victoria, the Town Manager,

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Coming Out & Connecting For Seniors

The wishes of those aging, and current public philosophy, point to more independence while aging. Recent demographic research shows we can expect a tsunami of aging, even though there are a lot of new young families in our community. While there are services available to seniors, there is an air of personally taking charge, which will continue to grow. This is about seniors sharing with others, directing and advising around their own needs and wishes.

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About Town - November 12, 2015

A busy week, and a dab of snow. We had to get our winter coats etc., out of storage this past week with that cold rain and snow. However the turn of cold weather is later than usual, but it appears winter is finally here.

A day to bow our heads in thanks to all area and worldwide veterans who have fought and sacrificed for America’s freedom. Through the wars we lost Jack Kelly, Aldro Stedman, Robert Hammans, Mickey Hawkins, and Barry Thomas. A sacrifice of their lives for us at home, so we can enjoy peace and quiet, and continue to fight the battles

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Western Stars Gallery & Studio Grand Opening

Proprietors Betsy Hubner, Chrystal DeCoster, and Clara Thomas were joined by dozens of friends and family as Lyons Mayor John “Tex” O’Brien helped them cut the ribbon for the grand opening of their Western Stars Gallery & Studio last Sunday (November 15) afternoon. The gala affair was catered by the new restaurant The Axe & Oar, which is located in the same building at 160 East Main Street in Lyons (the former Outlaw Saloon).

In addition to featuring the art of the proprietors, the gallery will also show numerous works of art from local and regional artists familiar to most area residents. They include: Mary Magdalena, Ruth Wilson, Rick Hammans, Ron McGuckin, Diane Dandeneau, to name just a few. The studio portion of the endeavor will be available to local artist for

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Local Artist Has Show

If you missed last weekend’s opening night tapas potluck for the art show, “Hope and Harvest” at Town Hall fear not, it will be hanging in the council chambers through the remainder of 2015.

However, if you happen to be in the Netherlands between now and the end of November and you want to catch an art show featuring the artwork of a Lyons artist, you are

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