Gary Secrest And Wife Sandy Visit Lyons

Gary and Sandra Secrest of Los Alamos, New Mexico, visited Lyons over the weekend, but were disappointed to have missed the last basketball game of the season, thinking  it would be Friday, but was held on Thursday night. Gary, a great sportsman while in school (class of 1969), is the third son of Lloyd and Betty Secrest, who operated Lloyd’s Barber Shop for forty-one years (1950-1991), while

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About Town - February 20, 2014

Hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day! It was nice that Mayama furnished babysitting for parents so they could have the “night out.” A great gesture ($20 per child with fun, snacks, and good care); so thank you. Ken Wajda had some good movies at the Lyons Cinema &

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Merle Dean Johnson

IN MEMORY OF MERLE DEAN JOHNSON, March 29, 1930-February 10, 1999, by his family: Wife-Dorothy (Schlagel) Johnson, Children-Michael & Shari (Tennant) Johnson, children Sara and Keifer;  and Pam and Andy Maestas, children AJ and Angela and Chris Hale of Aurora and one great grandson, Jack..

We fondly remember Merle, long-time area surveyor; a 1948 graduate of Lyons High School, with classmates-James Brodie,

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For Both Lovers & Haters

Taylor Radio Headlines In The Tree House!  Sat., Feb. 15, 7:30 pm
Spirit Hound Distillers, 4196 Ute Highway (66), 303-823-5696

Comida Food Truck will be serving their tasty eats & we will have a new Lover's Punch that will keep you warm from head to toe!

And always, on Thursdays we host Open Mic Night & Potluck starting at 7 p.m.

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Serve a Satisfying Soup

Chilly outside? Nothing warms like a steaming bowl of soup. If thoughts of a cozy and comforting pot of soup make you hungry, here is a recipe that's short on time, but long on flavor and satisfaction.

Forget about a tedious ingredient list and lots of simmering time.

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About Town - February 13, 2014

Another cold week gone by. Around five to ten degrees below freezing. Several have had their pipes freeze. Be sure to let the water drip a little. Doesn’t take much, but you need some water circulating. We have had a hard winter, and on top of the flood.  Woe is us! (Editor’s note: grammatically, I believe “Woe are we” is correct)

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Exposing Undernutrition

Smiling with glee at the tickle of a toe, flying paper airplanes in the wind and jumping rope in the schoolyard are all signs of a happy and healthy childhood. Yet millions of children worldwide lack access to the nutrients

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