Planning For A Long Life After Retirement

By Doug Carey

I spend a lot of time helping people understand how much money they will need to meet their retirement goals. Many people rack their brains and do lots of research trying to come up with assumptions for inflation, rates of return on investments, and many

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Colorado Beef Perfect for Family Meals

 Each month, the Colorado Department of Agriculture features a different commodity to highlight the variety and quality of products grown, raised or processed in the state. This month, Colorado beef is featured in the Colorado Meatballs recipe.
The cattle industry is Colorado’s largest agricultural sector. Colorado ranks 10th in the nation for cattle numbers, with 2.6 million

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Every Calorie Counts

Today as I arise I am thankful for so many things in Lyons Colorado.  I am thankful that so many in our beautiful little town will be able to enjoy Thanksgiving in the town and home we love.  I think after the flood that will forever change us, but not define us, I am aware of how blessed we truly are in overabundance of family, friends, and community. Ironically

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Eagle Canyon Gets Utilities

By Ali VanLeeuwen

Twas the night before services came on, and all through the hood...
Not a sink was dripping, it was 10 weeks of no good.

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About Town - Nov. 28, 2013

THANKSGIVING IS HERE; a time for us all to say thank you. To all who saved us from the flood; to all who helped everyone; to all who came and are still coming to help; to all the volunteers from Lyons and everywhere; to all the students who gave to our school’s programs; to all for your support; for the hot meals after the flood, and our Thanksgiving dinner. It is truly overwhelming how helpful and caring folks are! 

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Giving softly everyday
Gently being
Kind and grateful

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Barry Jon Kelly, "Bearcat"

Barry Jon Kelly, better known to his Lyons community as “Bearcat,” passed away on Thursday, October 17, at Longmont United Hospital, surrounded by family and friends.  He was 66 years young and will be missed by all.

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