Dangerous Grass

A hidden danger emerges as lush, spring grass dries up in the hot weather of early summer. The dried grass seeds, called grass awns, pose a potentially deadly threat to your pet. 

These grass awns frequently become lodged in your pet’s fur or body openings. The most common places for grass awns to become stuck are between the toes, in eyes and ears. If they are removed promptly, only minor irritation results. The special shape of these awns allows them to burrow deeper into your pet if they are not removed promptly. 

Awns in the eye cause infection, corneal ulcers, and eventual blindness. Awns in the ear cause external ear infections and often will penetrate the eardrum to cause middle

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Paddle to Alaska - Part 5

By Kelly Yelverton

Editor’s Note: Lyons resident Kelly Yelverton recently graduated from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. To celebrate her accomplishment, she and a friend have decided to paddle their sea kayaks on a 1200-mile journey through the Inside Passage to Alaska. She will be sending updates and photos of her adventure throughout the summer. 

It took us forty days to catch our first fish. Technically, twenty-eight days in that we hooked a rockfish but we were unprepared to cook it so ended up releasing it. You’d think we would be having fish and crab for dinner every night, but something about waking up at four or five in the morning, paddling ten hours straight, battling current and

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I Am Lyons Colorado

The Lyons Recorder
Last week started a new feature in the Lyons Recorder called iamlyonscolorado. It will be comprised of photos (and a few words) of people that Lyons resident Kenneth Wajda has captured during his daily travels around town. Wajda is an independent filmmaker who has made several short films in and around Lyons. Prior to moving to Colorado in 2001 he worked as a staff photographer for a daily newspaper, The Trenton Times, in New Jersey for thirteen years.  Since then, in addition to making films, he has worked as a freelance photographer and still shoots editorial assignments, commercial jobs, portraiture, (family, engagement, senior, etc.) and teaches nature and street photography. 
Wajda explains how the idea of iamlyonscolorado came about, “I enjoy shooting street photography, which I call “life” photography, because it is both great exercise and it’s like treasure hunting.  It is quite fascinating how many moments cross your

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Bring the world together - Host an exchange student!

World Heritage Student Exchange program, a public benefit organization, is seeking local host families for high school boys and girls from Spain, Germany, Thailand, Norway, China, Russia, France, The former Soviet Union Countries, Denmark, Italy, Sweden and more!

Host families are asked to include the student as a member of their family. Couples, single parents, and families with & without children in the home are all encouraged to host. You can choose a student for a semester or for the school year.

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Timeshares: Pros and Cons

Roads Traveled With Linda L. Osmundson

My husband and I own two timeshares. We’ve experienced some wonderful vacations due to exchanging our Breckenridge location for others in Hawaii, Virginia, New York, and Orlando, to name a few. We could book out of the country locations and/or cruises but haven’t yet. We enjoyed the travels right after we purchased, but since

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