Monika Edgar At Boulder Gallery

Monika Edgar’s paintings emerge from childhood experiences in Lithuania, a small country on the southeastern edge of the Baltic Sea. Black and white TV, gray skies, peeling stucco buildings, long spells of rain in the summer, ironing brown wool school uniforms, mandatory parades, and Soviet movies about World War II. These images made Edgar long for color and sunshine, sketching, listening to the Beatles and making clothes.

Images of works by Albrecht Durer, Hieronymus Bosch, Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, Lithuanian symbolist painter Ciurlionis, Salvador Dali, and the

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About Town - October 8, 2015

In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known the author of this column is an elected official. Her opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the entire Board of Trustees.

Ah, we got a little rain; maybe enough to cut down on the fire danger. We all worry about the dry hills. The eleven acres of open space to the east of Lyons Estates is a concern. Yes, everywhere. It is a vicious circle with no solution; we want rain, which causes the grass to grow, which dries out in the fall causing deep fire concern. 

The housing committee will be putting out a Survey asking if the Town wants to look into Affordable Housing for everyone, not just those flooded

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Washington Songbird Returns To The Cup

Radio Station magazine recently called a concert with Jill Cohn, “an evening of Folk Americana bliss,” and her soul-stirring voice in combination with lush arrangements, toe tapping road songs, and heart-string tugging ballads had the Los Feliz Journal (Los Angeles) naming her album a 2012 top 10 indie pick. The Chicago Tribune in June of 2014 wrote, “Her songs are beautifully crafted, sometimes bittersweet and sometimes hopeful, but ever easy and melodic with soulful and savvy lyrics.”

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Kathryn Ann Keesler Ralston

Kathryn Ann Keesler Ralston, curator of rocks, stories, beauty, and friends, died on Wednesday, September 9, four days after Dick and Kathy’s 46th wedding anniversary.

Kathy was born in Red Oak, Iowa to Max and Grace Keesler on March 15, 1938. She graduated from Red Oak High School in 1955, and has remained close to many of her fellow graduates, attending and helping to organize reunions over the years. She went on to get a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature from the University of Iowa in 1959.

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Planet Bluegrass Honored

Planet Bluegrass is honored to receive the “Bluegrass Event of the Year” award from the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) for the 42nd Annual RockyGrass Festival (July 25-27, 2014). The prestigious award was given at the World of Bluegrass conference in Raleigh, North Carolina on Thursday, October 1.

This award recognizes the first event at Planet Bluegrass after the devastating September 2013 flood. In his acceptance speech, Planet Bluegrass senior vice-president Steve Szymanski remarked: “[RockyGrass] actually might not have happened due to a 500 year flood.  So we are really

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