Fall Tree Walks At CU

The University of Colorado Museum of Natural History and CU Facilities Management Outdoor Services will be hosting the Fall Tree Walk led by Facilities Operations Arborist Vince Aquino. Two of these popular tours will be offered, the first at 5 p.m., on

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Fall Is In The Air – Time To Think Pumpkins

Roads Traveled with Linda L. Osmundson

You can purchase pumpkins from several different sources but the most family fun is to visit a Pumpkin Patch. You may have to drive some distance but the trip will be well worth it. Besides fields of pick-your-own pumpkins, farmers offer mazes, corn stalks, gourds, hayrides, and produce stands.

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Wine Tasting Trails

Roads Traveled by Linda L. Osmundson

When you think of grape growing or wine tasting, California’s Napa Valley comes to mind. But, did you know Colorado hosts over ninety wineries with more than thirty on the Front Range? And, the state’s winemaking began over a century ago? Or, some Colorado climates rival California’s grape growing regions?

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Exhibit On Passenger Pigeon

2014 marks the 100th year since the extinction of the passenger pigeon, one of the most abundant bird species in North America. This bird, which once flew in flocks so large that the sky would be blacked out, was officially declared extinct in 1914 with the passing of Martha, a passenger pigeon at

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Boulder County’s National Register Of Historic Places

Roads Traveled With Linda L. Osmundson

Boulder County lists many properties on the National Register of Historic Places. Maybe you’ve seen them. If not, here are a few you might view.

Built in 1894-5, the Old Stone Congregational Church (First Congregational Church of Lyons) on the corner of 4th and High Streets received historic designation in 1976. Construction consisted of locally

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Traveling In Luxury – The First Day

Roads Traveled With Linda L. Osmundson

My husband Bob and I flew to San Diego a day early for our scheduled Sea of Cortez cruise aboard the MS Statandam. Good thing. Denver’s predicted snow storm blew in that night and blanketed DIA causing flight delays the next morning. We might have, as the saying goes, “Missed the boat!” That said, I never let any of the 557 crew

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Georgetown Bighorn Sheep Festival Promises Fall Fun

Few animals evoke Colorado’s rugged and unforgiving mountains like the Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. Yet the vertical terrain that keeps sheep safe from predators also limits opportunities for Coloradans to view and appreciate Colorado’s state animal. 

A happy exception for wildlife watchers is Georgetown, where the Town of Georgetown, the Georgetown Trust and Gateway Visitor Center, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) are finalizing preparations for the 8th Annual Georgetown Bighorn Sheep Festival.  The festival is timed to coincide with

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Paddling To Alaska -III

By Kelly Yelverton

Editor’s Note: Lyons resident Kelly Yelverton recently graduated from college in Washington state. To celebrate her accomplishment, she and a friend have decided to paddle their sea kayaks on a 1200-mile journey through the Inside Passage to Alaska. She will be sending written updates and photos of her adventure throughout the summer.

Paddling is all about rhythm.

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National Parks = American Treasures

By Helen Colella 

National Parks are special land areas set aside by the government for all people to enjoy, appreciate and preserve.  Over the years, National Parks have grown in number, currently, fifty-seven are found throughout twenty-seven different states, and two more in the U.S Territories of American Samoa and the Virgin Islands.

The Parks span mountains to valleys, desert to seaside, prairies to rainforest. Each has its   own identity and focus on the natural world. Each has unique land and water formations, wildlife, plants, mineral resources, land development. Each has its own data

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