Limon Heritage Museum Opens for Its 24th Season

 Warmer temperatures, the sounds of children playing outside, and baseball on TV can only mean one thing: it is officially summer and the Limon Heritage Museum is open for its 24th season! Venture back to the “good old days” by window shopping at Gates Mercantile, ordering a Coke at Houtz Drug Store, hopping aboard the Pullman Dining Car, or learning a thing or two in the one-room Pioneer Schoolhouse. Colorful, fragrant gardens; one-of-

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Relive The Lewis And Clark Trail

Roads Traveled by Linda L. Osmundson

Meriwether Lewis set out to fulfill a wish of President Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson hoped Lewis would discover a water route to connect the Missouri and Columbia Rivers and open up the possibility of western expansion and river transportation from the Atlantic to Pacific. We know the trip as the Lewis and Clark Expedition but Jefferson called it the Corps of Discovery. Their mission was to map a route but also

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Seattle, The Emerald City

By Linda L. Osmundson

When we lived in the Seattle area for several years, I learned why they call it the Emerald City. It rains! The grass is always green! And the city boasts some 6000 park acres. Actually, the winner of a Convention and Visitor’s Bureau contest coined the name in the early 1980s. It correlates with the state nickname, the Evergreen State.

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North To Alaska, Here We Come - Again

Roads Traveled by With Linda L. Osmundson

Seven grandchildren, seven adults, a fiftieth wedding anniversary, and Dixieland Jazz; what more could my husband and I ask for a family cruise? Even though this is our third Alaskan trip, we lucked out to find it a fit with all fourteen members’ schedules. Of course, they make it fit when Mom and Dad provide an all-inclusive party for their first cruise! It will be special in many ways. We leave Seattle June 28, and return July 5. We plan to make reservations for dinner atop the Space Needle the night before we board.

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The Hills are Alive

Roads Traveled with Linda L Osmundson

A high school senior and very talented artist, Ann Dang, was asked to paint the Bavarian Neuschwanstein Castle on the back of this ukulele. Her view may seem familiar even if you’ve never visited Bavaria, and rightly so. The castle, with its Romanesque Revival and Gothic architecture, influenced Walt Disney when he built Disneyland’s

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On The Way To Yellowstone And The Grand Tetons

Roads Traveled by Linda L. Osmundson

Two routes take you to Yellowstone National Park, I-25 or Highway 287. Both present tourist attractions. We’ve already covered the detour to Fort Laramie, so we’ll go straight to Douglas via I-25 north.

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Wyoming, More Than Yellowstone

Roads Traveled with Linda L. Osmundson

Yes, Yellowstone and the Grand Teton Mountains are probably the most well known destinations in Wyoming. However, there are other smaller interesting tourist attractions. We travel I-80 often in route to Salt Lake City to see grandchildren but seldom go north on I-25.

Today I’ll give you ideas for two-day trips along those routes. 

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Travel Destination, Dreams and Diversions

I dreamed of visiting many places after graduation, the Rocky Mountain’s tree line, twin cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, the Great Salt Lake, Arizona’s desert, and both oceans to name a few.

Now, I’ve seen them all and more. Tears filled my eyes at my first glimpse of the mountains when I neared Denver. I’d never seen anything so close to Heaven. On our first trip to my Minnesotan husband’s hometown, he laughed when I asked if a huge lake were manmade like

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Looking Ahead To 2015

Roads Traveled by Linda L. Osmundson

Now is the time for those dreaded New Year’s resolutions that we find unfulfilled at the end of the year. I’ve researched, read, considered, and made a list of possible subjects for my twenty-four articles for 2015.  Let’s take a peek.

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