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Preventative Medicine = Affordable Healthcare

Preventative medicine is the key to affordable healthcare.  The more we can work to keep ourselves well, the greater contributors we our to our community.  Many states in the U.S. have taken the steps to license Naturopathic Doctors in order to establish their place in the medical world.  Most primary care doctors are licensed as an MD, which means they have completed medical education within the conventional

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By Janelle Boyington, RM, CPM

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What To Pack For Lunch

By Dr. Sara Hart

By this time of year, packing school lunches has moved beyond a morning chore to a nearly painful morning ritual that can easily lead to the intolerable battle of wills with elementary school kids (or adults for that matter) in some households!  Here are some ideas to ease the struggle or just inspire the daily habit.

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No Pain, No Gain?

By Mary Chase

So, how much pain is too much pain? I think the evolution of becoming more self aware about what is happening with our bodies, as well as living in one of the healthiest counties in the United States, is

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Pediatric Healthcare Choices: Feeding Kids Well

Stillwater Healing Arts Clinic

By Sara Hart

Getting kids to eat vegetables can be a chore greater than organizing the storage room and similarly, is easily put off with the hope that it will just resolve itself over time. Once a child experiences the pure pleasure of processed carbohydrates, simple sugars, pure fat, and salt there is no going back. 

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