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Get your Stretch On!

By Mary Chase

In recent years yoga has become very mainstream and incredibly popular. There are numerous emotional and physical benefits to stretching that can benefit your cardiovascular, resistance training, and general physical wellbeing. So what are they, and why should you jump on the stretching/flexibility bandwagon?

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends at least one flexibility workout per week. Now there are people who practice yoga and stretching more often than that,

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Managing Stress: Balancing Your Vices

By Dr. Sara Hart, ND, MSOM, LAc

It’s a perfect day when you wake up naturally without an alarm.  To arise fully rested, stretch your arms leisurely and yawn.  Pondering with a gentle inquisition, “hmmm, what do I feel like doing today?”  Rather than the rush of too many responsibilities to juggel comfortably.  When fresh vital foods are all that you crave so you make yourself a gorgeous meal to start your day.

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Why Yoga for the New Year?

By Lori Flynn
Happy New Year! Each year we ring in the new, honor the old, kiss the past goodbye and nurture thoughts of what will best serve us in the upcoming twelve months. That’s right, it’s resolution time.

Let’s not kid ourselves and pretend that fitness, wellness and health will not spearhead the resolution initiative. It should! Our body is our vehicle and it has to last us the whole time

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Managing Stress - When Something's Got to Give

By Dr. Sara Hart
First there was the flood; then there were the decisions every person made to survive.  For most people, these were very different decisions than those made weeks and even days prior. Instead of, “What should we have for dinner tonight,” it became “What is going to go bad the quickest that we need to eat first,” or “Where will I get my next meal?” 

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Are You Still Resolving?

Keeping Lyons Fit! by Mary Chase

We are twenty plus days into 2014. Last year was quite a year for Lyons. Maybe along the way we weren’t able to do the things we wanted to because our daily survival in a flood ravaged town became our priority. So since life has now returned to as close of a normal daily life as possible, I have heard

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