As The Crow Flies

It’s a long way from Lyons to anywhere, “as the crow flies.” Residents of Lyons have known that for some time; many of them live here for just that reason. But now it’s official. Local artist Jake Pinello (he of the murals on the sides of the St. Vrain Market and car wash buildings) has just completed the latest addition to the burgeoning sculpture inventory lining the streets, paths, and parks of Lyons.

Pinello’s sculpture, “As the Crow Flies,” consists of four fifteen-foot wooden poles and a large rosecompass on the corner

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The Holy Grail At The Cup

How appropriate that an art show titled “The Holy Grail” would be presented in The Stone Cup. Lyons artist Sally King (of the bear sculptures seen throughout town) will be the featured artist at The Stone Cup & Kitchen beginning July 1, and running through September.

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Sounds Of Lyons Music Festival

Mintze Wu, the founder and driving creative force behind the Sounds of Lyons Music Festival (not to mention a pretty fair fiddle player), is back in town for the fifth annual festival to be performed this weekend. Wu invites the commaunity to please come join her and a stellar mix of world-renowned musicians for the special edition of Sounds of Lyons Season Five on June 14 through 16! With buoyant creativity

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A Quick Waltz Through Lyons Art Walk Weekend

By Chrystal DeCoster

Waltzing through the town of Lyons this past weekend were arts - two three, music - two three, and film - two three.
This annual Lyons Arts and Humanities Commission (LAHC) sponsored event is ever morphing thanks to the constant quick steps of artistic efforts, volunteer energies, community response, and granted support from such entities as the Lyons Community Foundation.
Choreographed by Ellen Hine, who made certain that there was something for everyone, the events boasted an array of local talent in

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“Confetti” & Lyons Film Festival At Town Hall

Confetti is often the colorful evidence of a celebration. It is also the theme for the daring-to be-dazzling upcoming new three-month show at Lyons Town Hall, opening Friday, June 7, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Dovetailing with this unjuried art event will be the first annual Lyons Film Festival from 7 to 9 p.m. orchestrated by local filmmaker and celebrated musician, Sally Van Meter. Roughly seven experimental short documentaries

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LEGOS Are Coming

This summer, the Longmont Museum will host Build! The Amazing World of LEGO, an exhibition featuring the work of more than twenty LEGO artists from across the United States, several of which have never been on public view. The exhibit will run from June 8 to September 8, and exhibition admission will be $5 for adults, $3 students/seniors (62+), and free for ages 5 and under. In addition to the artwork, a large section of the museum’s gallery will be an interactive “Build Zone.”

The LEGO brick was invented in 1958 in Denmark, and gets its name from the Danish words “leg godt,” meaning “play well.” Since their

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Ethiopian Slide Show At Farmette

Several years ago, Neil and Connie Sullivan, owners of the St. Vrain Market, adopted twins from Ethiopia, Earlier this year Neil, in conjunction with PRIDE, a non-profit group the couple has become involved with, had an incredible opportunity to revisit the country, and travel to some of the most breath taking rural areas of Ethiopia. The people he traveled

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Yarn Bomb?

Sandra De Vries is a Dutch artist, who has been friends with Lyons artist Jacob Leeuwenburgh (also from Netherlands) since they were in high school. When they recently re-connected after twenty years, De Vries, who now lives in Vernon, British Columbia, mentioned that her latest artistic endeavors revolved around “yarn bombs.” If you are familiar with the artist Cristo, and how he “wraps” statues, trees, buildings, bridges, and even islands with silk, yarn bombing is similar, except that De Vries uses knitted yarn to

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Poetry Talk - Feb. 7, 2013

Follow the Image

Follow the Image
Life’s movie made
Not for TV
But exclusively

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