Poetry Talk August 1, 2013

By Alexa DiSalvo

Silver birch sleigh slid to a halt
Slick tusk runners sink in the snow
That is only time elapsed
Like dust on a useless mirror
Accumulating over this frozen river

Black tailed reindeer tethered in straps and bells
Restlessly rub antlers
And peer back at me with white rimmed eyes
Their velvety bone socking
Sounds unnervingly like fuzzy teeth grinding
I grip the whip that wavers
Held high like a spider flag in the brisk gray void
As tiny sharp webs spin all around
Weighing us down every second
‘Twas an invisible crack stopped our track
Intrusive moan ricocheting off gums and gut
A split seam, a grave rip
All those little unforeseen jagged threads
Come on, just a flick of the wrist
We’ll have to make a run for it?

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