Celebrates Buffalo Bill’s 165th Birthday

In honor of William “Buffalo Bill” Cody, “Precious Papers and the Stories They Tell,” an exhibit of rare archival materials, will open on Sunday, February 27, as part of Buffalo Bill’s 165th birthday celebration at the Buffalo Bill Museum.
The annual celebration takes place from noon until 4:00 pm and includes free admission to the museum and activities such as the noon-time singing of “Happy Birthday” to Buffalo Bill, cake and ice cream, ‘pin the tail on the buffalo’ and the buffalo chip throwing contest.  Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley look-a-likes, along with others from the Old West, will circulate and add to the festivities.

In the years since its founding in 1921, the Buffalo Bill Museum has accumulated a large archive of posters, correspondence, newspapers, Wild West programs and other materials associated with Buffalo Bill.

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