The July 13 discussion at Lyons Longevity's Wednesday happy hour at the Ax & Oar was in high spirits. Officer Brian Wagner and ten of area residents talked about the variety of scams that can affect seniors, and also about physical safety. There were stories to share,

including what goes on in our town, and ways to detect and deal with the scams that are becoming increasingly clever. These should always be reported to our Lyons Substation (next to Town Hall) or the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office at (303) 441-4444, to help them track what is going on.

There can be another of these discussions if folks want, and officer Wagner is going to look into organizing a senior self defense class. Wouldn’t that be interesting and worthwhile? He will be sending a written report of his presentation, which will appear in an upcoming edition. 

It is a pleasure to see folks come out for these events as we get to know one another better.  Thank you LaVern, for being a regular, and Officer Wagner for your delightful time with us, and for looking after our community. Mark your calendar, the next Lyons Longevity potluck picnic at the Concert in the Park will be Thursday, July 28. Bring your own chair, drink, and utensils as well as something to share.  Local favorite Arthur Lee Land will be playing.

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