By Joseph Lekarczyk 
The picnic tables and grills have been installed, the toilets and showers are in, the gravel pathways along the river have been laid out, the landscaping is in, the sod has been laid, the picnic shelters are constructed, and the diversion gate and irrigation ditch are ready to be tested, and the bridge and river features, both fish and kayak, are completed. However, there

are still a few more things on the “punch list” to be completed before the reconstructed LaVern M. Johnson Park will be open to the public.

See you in September. That is the latest best guess as to when the park will be ready for use by the general public. There is still some work to be done on the children’s play areas, and still some improvements and amenities to be installed in the “northern section of the park” (near the ol’ swimmin’ hole). And the sod needs a little “seasoning” before it is ready to be walked on.

According to those in the know, the RV camping area is in full operation, and full almost every weekend. The “front part” (from the meadow to the street) will be ready by late July for the RockyGrass Festival, but will then need the three weeks or so to recover for the FolksFest in mid-August. Then it’ll be another two or three weeks of recovery before the “grand opening” on September 1.

The camp hosts were very busy over the Fourth of July weekend letting the public know that the park was still “under construction,” and redirecting over two hundred cars/picnickers to the Black Bear Hole section of the river. 

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