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About Town - June 12, 2013

What a glorious week,of showing off the attributes of Lyons, Colorado.  Thanks to Ellen Hine and cohorts for getting the Lyons Art Walk Weekend together, to the Lyons Arts and Humanities Council for the Art Show and Film Fest, and to all other venues (Mayama, Comma Open Studio, Jacob Leeuwenburgh and Kahlie Sue Pinello’s art show at Ferg’s Inn, Lyons Redstone Museum, Quilt Show, Garden Club, Corner Studios, Longmont Spellbinders, and Lyons Community Theatre, Lyons Dairy Bar Kids Art Show, Tisha Woods art show at the Stone Cup & Kitchen, Clarifer Project, Emilyn Inglis student recital, photography exhibit at The Fork, walk around Lyons with artists, and the Death Café at Lyons Yoga & Wellness) that sported the towns amenities.  Coco and the Matneys were busy with the Skywalk and Red

Piano, the museum was extra busy, the story-telling was nice and intriguing, ending up with Emilyn at The Fork.

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