Another week gone by. Now it's almost winter. B-r-r-r. These old bones hold a chill!
Did you vote? It is our civic duty for all those over age 18 to vote. The election has been a trying thing to listen to, smears, etc., but it's nothing new. We will be relieved now for two years, and then. . . the worst is yet to come!

Our good friend Geneva Thomas wrote her annual letters reminding us to turn back our clocks for daylight savings time. Whoo, now it is dark an hour earlier. Thanks Geneva. 

Now that the affordable housing project near the high school is pending, the Town Board needs to say a stern “NO” to allowing Boulder County's shooting range just over the hill.  Delaying a position is just adding to the dread of having it so close to Lyons. What do county planners care about Lyons? The county has thousands of



Wow, what a weekend! The “Rave to the Grave” benefit had a full house, great costumes with a contest, and great music. Thanks to Arthur Lee Land & GoGo Lab. We hope lots of money was raised for LEAF. Thanks to Jeralyn Brenner and friends for the Halloween Zombie Tours,benefit for LEAF (new and enjoyable). The chili cook-off fundraiser to support the Lyons Garden Club sold out all their chili. It was m-m-m-m good; thanks to all

Yes, another week gone by, and this week there is a lot of excitement for all. Halloween parties in the Lyons schools on Friday, and a Zombie Haunted House Tour; get your tickets at Ralph’s Farm Stand.

FRIDAY, OCT. 26 – “Rave to the Grave” costume party/LEAF fundraiser at Planet Bluegrass from 7 to 11 p.m. Arthur Lee Land and GoGo Lab provide the music. Wear costumes, all 21+ are invited. See you there. Donations accepted at the door. 

SATURDAY, OCT. 27 –  The Lyons Garden Club Chili Cook-off at The Stone Cup beginning at 4 p.m. This is a benefit for the Garden Club. 

SATURDAY, OCT. 17 – The Town of Lyons “Spook-tacular” with kids' games from 4 to 5:30 p.m., at the Lyons Elementary School playground. At 6 p.m., line up on High Street for the Halloween Parade through town followed by trick or treating around town at local businesses. See you there too!

WEDNESDAY, OCT. 31 –Traditional Halloween trick or treating around town. Get your candy ready; the kids come in droves and with pillow cases to fill. Leave the porch light on. Happy Halloween kids!



Another week gone by; nice, but then that snow. Right after the High Street Concert. A terrible blizzard; we hope all those from Denver, Boulder, Longmont, etc., got home safe and sound. It was a great concert, but… The next Concert is in February.

Woe is me. I have been writing “About Town” for 35 years, starting in October of 1983! I used to give my news to Fern Rigdon and Dorothy Stevens who wrote the Lyons News and sent it to theTimes Call. Walt Kinderman, the Editor of the Lyons Recorder, kept roasting Virgil,



Another week gone by. The local schools have started. Thanks for the community BBQ, which was a nice way to get the high school football season started. But the local boys got beaten by those tough Holyoke Farmers. The game on Friday will be at Idaho Springs. Better luck against the Miners. 



Wow! A gloomy week with frost, and snow on its way. But, it is supposed to be warmer by the weekend. Yes, fall is here but winter is near.
THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11 – Seventy years have gone by!

Folks are invited to the Lyons Redstone Museum on Thursday, October 11, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., for the program on “How We Saved Our High School (1948-1970). Now, having a super high school makes all the toil and trouble worthwhile!  If you're new to town, and you like our school, come to show your



Another week gone by. Many memories of the September 2013 flood five long years ago. Thanks to the Town for having the wonderful remembrance event on Monday; a good crowd, lovely weather, and great speakers.

We were highly honored to have Senator Bennet, LHS student Hailey Odell read her poem “What if?,” Mayor Connie Sullivan, Lee dePalo from FEMA, Director Mike Willis of DHSEM, Governor Hickenlooper, all speak. Also, Mindy Tallent spoke about the small business perspective on resilience, and there was a tree planting and dedication with

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