Another week gone by, and here it is time for the Lyons Good Old Days celebration. It is sad to say “Day” when it used to be three-days! What happened to all the helpers? A big thanks to Marissa and the Town staff for putting what we will have together, and I am sure all will enjoy it. There will be a good variety of events to  enjoy!

THURSDAY, JUNE 28 – Free Concert in Sandstone Park with Jesse Garland and Good Manners. You will enjoy this.  Also, there will be food, vendors, dancing, etc. You all come and enjoy.



Another week gone by. Nice rains and still raining. We hope it knows when to quit; we all get panicky if there is too much rain. It is surprising how a week of 90 degree weather ruins our green paradise.

Another  skimmer, or a device which secretly collects your debit or credit card information, was found in a gas pump at the Diamond Shamrock gas station in Lyons (4206 Ute Hwy). If you used a debit or credit card at a gas pump at the Diamond Shamrock lately we encourage you to review



Another week gone by; it's the middle of June, hot weather during the day, but cool nights. That is why we live in Colorado! The beautiful green scenery is now turning brown, and susceptible to fire. Take care, no cigarettes, sparks, etc. 



Another week gone by, here it is the beginning of June; schools out, summer programs such as baseball, softball, swimming, etc., are underway. Everything is so pretty and green, but it will all soon be turning brown with these 90 degree days. 

An anniversary party for Brayden Jueschke will be held in Colorado Springs on Saturday, June 9, to celebrate twenty-five years after receiving his heart transplant. Friends and family are all invited. Call (303) 823-5925 for directions to get there.



Another week gone by. The Lyons High School girls lost their last two basketball games and will not be going to the state tournament. Clear Creek will be going for our division. The 1A and 2A games start Thursday at the Budweiser center in Loveland. We want to express our thanks and appreciation to our Lyons team.

They did well, and gave us spectators a lot of excitement. Eight teams of boys and girls, out of some forty teams in Class 2A, get to go to state. For the boys it's:

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