By McCourt Thomas

The Lyons Lions girls cross country team, ranked #1 all season, fulfilled their destiny and won first place in the 2A State Championship race, the second state title in school history, and the Lyons boys took home second place in an exciting conclusion to the 2018 cross country season.

In the girls’ race, with two former champions in the race, Chloe Veilleux from Soroco in 2016, and Helen Cross from Nederland in 2017, the individual battle was a toss-up going into the race, but the girls from Lyons decided



By Coach Mark Roberts & McCourt Thomas
After many months and many miles, the Lyons Lions boys’ and girls’ cross country teams are headed to the state meet. Both teams earned their spots at the Regional Meet last Thursday hosted in Lyons. The girls placed first overall and the boys came in second place to secure their chance on the state course.

The girls’ team was led by the dynamic duo of junior Katie Fankhouser and freshman Quin Gregg who finished in third (20:45) and fourth place (20:46), respectively.  Also working in tandem in a controlled effort were senior Kylee Udovich and sophomore Hannah Thomas who crossed the finish line at 22:29 in 10th and 11th places.



By Coach Heather Evans
HE: Who is the most influential person in your life?

KC: The most influential people in my life are my parents. They provide the best perspective when they give me advice and love me unconditionally. I think combined they have only missed three of my volleyball matches in the past four years, and it means so much to me that they are always there to support me.

HE: How old were you when you first played organized volleyball?

KC: I was in first grade when I first played organized volleyball. I played rec and after several years I moved into club.

HE: Why did you choose to play volleyball? Why do you like volleyball?

KC: I chose to play volleyball because a lot of the older girls I looked up to played. I like volleyball because there are so many components that go into winning a game. Not only does each person on the team have to perform, but they also have to be smart and mentally strong.

HE: Most memorable match and why?

KC: My most memorable match was my junior year when we got to host regionals against Wiggins. The gym was packed full and the student section was going crazy for every point. The energy of the game and how hard we had to work to win made it a game I will never forget.

HE: If you had to choose one word to describe your fellow senior, Ava McCall, what would it be?

KC: Ava is very loyal and she does not give up on things easily. She will work hard up until the very last point and it inspires everyone else on the team. She brings the best energy to the team and I always know I can count on her. It is so fun to be able to play volleyball with my best friend.

HE: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

KC: The best advice I was ever given was “make the people around you better.” This means serving your teammates and working hard for one another.

HE: Favorite superhero

KC: I am not a huge superhero fan, but I would choose Spiderman.

HE: Have you ever met anyone famous? If so, who, how, where?

KC: Technically, I did not meet her but I was really close to Taylor Swift at her concert last summer (it was the best night ever).

HE: Plans after high school?

KC: I am not sure where I will be attending college yet but most likely out of state. I plan to play volleyball in some form, I am just not sure what that will look like yet.

HE: What’s the first thing you would buy if you won a million dollar lottery?

KC: The first thing I would buy with a million dollars is a new computer and more lottery tickets.



By Coach Mark Roberts and McCourt Thomas   
The freezing temperatures and falling snow didn’t keep the Lyons Lions Cross Country team from heating up the Mile High Championship meet. The girls’ team claimed the title of Mile High League Champions coming in first place and the boys’ team finished in second place after Heritage Christian Academy. 



Last week, senior libero, Ava McCall, sat down with student manager, Bella Alexander, to answer some "getting to know you" questions.

BA - Who is the most influential person in your life?

AM - The most influential people in my life is probably my mom and dad. I can’t pick just one. They both are always there for me and push me when I need it but allow me the freedom to become my own person. I am forever grateful for what they have done for me and what they will help me with in the future.



By Coach Mark Roberts and McCourt Thomas
The Lyons Lions kicked off a busy month of meets this past Friday at the sunny Doherty Spartan Cross Country Invitational in Colorado Springs. The meet offered a sneak peek of the State XC Meet course, which the Lions have their eyes on reaching at the end of the month.    

The RE-1J cross county meet at Sunset Golf Course in Longmont last week included all the middle schools in the St Vrain district. For the Lyons' boys Cole Thomas took first place overall, and Sage Wynja placed third. For the Lyons' girls Jamison Legh took first place, Desta Soma finished in 10th place with a near tie with the 11th place runner

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