Keep the Lyons Recorder “Afloat”

Help keep the Lyons Recorder “afloat” after the devastating flood, which ripped through Lyons, Colorado in the early morning of Thursday, September 12. As a result of the damage, the town has lost electricity, gas, water, all communications (phone and internet),and the ability to dispose of wastewater. In addition, all five of the bridges that cross the North and South forks of the St. Vrain River were compromised (two are completely gone), effectively cutting off the Lyons Middle/Senior High School from a majority of

the town. The three highways that allowed egress in and/or out of the town to the outside world were either completely destroyed or under as much as five feet of water.

As a result of this devastation, over 2,000 residents from Lyons and the surrounding area have been forced from their homes and into emergency shelters or the homes of friends and family in the nearby communities of Longmont and Boulder. Many of these evacuees depend on their hometown newspaper, the Lyons Recorder, both online and the weekly “hard copy” paper version, to keep them informed of the latest news and information about the progress of the town’s recovery, community update meetings, the schedules and events for the temporary K-12 school set up in Longmont, etc.

The Lyons Recorder is a privately owned small-town newspaper operated by Lyons residents Joseph Lekarczyk and Lora Gilson, and we with our families were displaced to Boulder and Longmont respectively. We have dropped the pay-wall for our website to allow every resident in the community access to as much information as possible. We are continuing to print and mail the paper on schedule each Thursday. We will also distribute it free of charge to the Longmont/FEMA Disaster Center and to the temporary schools in Longmont and Hygiene each week so that the students can bring it home to their parents to keep everyone in the loop.

Since so many of our friends and neighbors who own businesses in Lyons are not presently able to support the paper with advertising, we are reaching out to all the people (friends & families) outside of Lyons who have expressed a desire and willingness to “do something to help,” to become a patron of the newspaper.

The patron levels are as follows:

Lyons Recorder Benefactor Staff
Intern: $5
Cub Reporter: $20
Beat Reporter: $50
Proof Editor: $75
Editor: $100
Publisher: $ 500+

These contributions will be recognized in the Lyons Recorder’s online & print versions.

Click here to contribute.

In addition to the patron levels, we are offering Flood Relief Support Advertising Packages to businesses in the Boulder/Longmont Area, and around the country/world.

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