Do you have a wet phone?

DryBox Rescue, new machine designed to completely dry your wet phone of all moisture in 25 minutes,

extends a generous offer to help Colorado flood relief victims for free.  Dry Ventures, Inc. the makers of the revolutionary DryBox Rescue machine have now arrived locally and are currently setting up in Longmont, CO, to offer their FREE help in saving flood victims wet cell phones and small electronic devices.  If you or someone you know has suffered flood damage and have a wet cell phone, we invite you to come our location listed below where we will dry your phone for free by using our DryBox Rescue Station.   They will do their best to help save your wet devices and all the contacts, pictures and data that might be on them for FREE.  Their hours of operation are 9 am to 7 pm. 

The location to bring a wet phone is: 

DryBox Rescue

Flood Assistance Center

(Table Set up Inside at Assistance Area)

Twin Peaks Mall Parking Lot

1250 S Hover Road

Longmont, CO 80501

 Or you may call them at 855-5-DryBox – ext 102 for more details (855-537-9269) or visit Click here for more information about DryBox.

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