A Letter for Lyons Preschool Students

Dear Parents and Guardians of Lyons Preschool Students:

I want to express my sincere concern for you and your entire family at this very difficult time. The catastrophic storm and its aftermath have dealt our town

devastating blow, but I am confident that the Town of Lyons and the Lyons Elementary School Community will rally and come back even stronger.

As many of you already know, with the exception of Lyons Elementary and Lyons Middle/Senior High, all SVVSD schools are scheduled to reopen this Thursday, September 19. The Lyons K-12 students are scheduled to begin a staggered schedule beginning Monday, September 23rd (high school), Tuesday, September 24th (middle), and Wednesday, September 25th (elementary) at the Main Street School, 820 Main Street in Longmont.


While the Main Street Building is large enough to accommodate our K-12 students, the building cannot accommodate our preschool program. Hygiene Elementary, however, has an available classroom and the District is currently making plans to restart our preschool program at Hygiene Elementary (11968 N. 75th Street in Hygiene), until the town’s infrastructure has been restored and made safe for our community life to resume there.


The Lyons preschool program is scheduled to restart at Hygiene Elementary on Wednesday, September 25th. To lessen traffic congestion at Hygiene Elementary, we will stagger the start and end times for the Lyons Preschool program.  Start/end time for the morning session will be 9:15-11:50 A.M., and start/end time for the afternoon session will be 12:40-3:20 P.M.


The Hygiene staff and District personnel have already begun making the necessary preparations to ensure a safe and welcoming learning environment for our children.  Also, Lyons preschool teacher Donna Evans and her assistant Sonja Feurer will continue to support your child at the new location.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about these plans.




Andrew Moore, Principal, Lyons Elementary

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