St. Vrain Flow Rates

Lyons Recorder reporters rode Lyons on bicycles observing river flows.

St. Vrain Creek has dropped to levels approximately 30-40% greater than we see each spring during peak runoff. This is an unscientific estimate based on casual observation. The flow in the main river channels in looks about like spring runoff. The rate of flow appears similar. But now we now have several side channels which are carrying lessor amounts of water than the main channels. The lessor channels have a more leisure pace than the main channels. Its also conceivable that the main channels have been deepened by the flood. Our estimates are crude at best.

Causal conversations with several police and guardsmen indicate that water levels have been fluctuating has weather has moved in an out of the area. Soils are saturated and dams are full so even small amounts of rainfall can increase river flows.