Lyons Electrical Power

Multiple crews are in Lyons(Monday 9/16) working on the electrical lines providing power to Lyons city residents.

Multiple poles, wires, transformers along Rt 66 east of town were destroyed by the flood.

The photo near Loukonen Bros Stone shows crews planting a new pole next to the transformers which survived the flood.

The other photo shows crews planting several poles near the Black Bear Inn. This area was heavily undermined on the south side of Rt. 66. Multiple poles will be required to restored connectivity.

We didn't speak to crews or power company officials so everything we state here should be taken as a guess.

Based on our past experience as power company customers and witnessing the speed which crews are able to plant a pole and connect wires, it seems reasonable to think electrical power MAY be restored in week.

To be sure, it is a guess. One could list 100 things that could delay repairs. Still, a casual observer can see the quickness in the step of everyone working the job.