Official information on the flash flood in Lyons can be found at:
Lyons Recorder has coverage beyond the official info from FEMA and Boulder. It is broken into sections covering:

Town Update: RTD to Resume Service

Stone Canyon (correction!)
Water, sewer and gas will be restored to the Stone Canyon subdivision on Friday, November 1, 2013. Residents who are present Saturday will have their gas turned on by Xcel technicians. If you are not present, Xcel will leave a door knocker at your home with contact information for you to make an

appointment for them to come back. Please see the October 23 update (either on the Town of Lyons webpage or your previous email) for information regarding how to prepare your home for utilities.

Wastewater Treatment Update
The sewer bacteria are healthy and thriving! Residents may resume normal water and sewer use beginning Friday, November 1. Congratulations on being responsible stewards of our sewer system and for having the patience to follow instructions from our wastewater contractors to ensure a healthy plant.

RTD to resume service to Lyons on Monday, Nov. 4
RTD, in collaboration with The Town of Lyons and Boulder County, will resume service on its two Lyons area transit services beginning on Monday, November 4th. This includes the restoration of two RTD bus routes:

The Y route – Serving Lyons to Boulder via US 36. The route runs between the Lyons Park-n-Ride (Broadway & 4th) and the Boulder Transit Center in Boulder (14th & Walnut)

The YL route- Serving Lyons to Longmont via US66 and 75th Street. The route runs between the Lyons Park-n-Ride (Broadway & 4th Ave.) and the 8th & Coffman Park-n-Ride in Longmont (8th Ave. & Coffman St).

The Y and YL routes had suspended operations since September 11th as a result of the 2013 flood. Since that time, damage to the Lyons infrastructure has greatly improved, daytime access restrictions have been lifted, and many area residents have begun to return to their homes. It is estimated that 70-80% of Lyons residents will have returned to their homes by November 4th restart date of the transit services.

Fares for the routes are $4 for the Y route and $5 for the YL route. Children 5 and under ride free. Seniors (65 and up), Disabled, and K-12 students are eligible for a 50% reduced fare.

Lyons residents are also eligible to receive the Eco Pass free of charge as part of a grant-funded pilot program through the end of 2014. Eco Passes can be obtained at Lyons Town Hall. The Eco Pass provides free access to the Y and YL routes.

The Y and YL route both operate Monday through Friday. Some route stops may be temporarily moved to account for roadway damage.

For more information about the Y and YL bus routes, including route maps and schedules, visit The Lyons Town Hall can be reached at: 303-823-6622.

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