Valley Bank & Trust Press Release

Valley Bank & Trust extends its sincerest thoughts

and well wishes to those affected by recent floods and devastating weather. We hope you and your families are staying safe! Natural disasters are very stressful and we want to help as much as we can.

All of our branches are up and running with exception of Lyons, which will be closed until resources have been restored and it is safe to return to that area. We are Check for a list of branch locations. Please don't hesitate to talk to us about:

  • Quickly replacing your VB&T debit or credit cards that are lost, damaged or not accessible.
  • Accessing your account funds or information.
  • Working through options if you are unable to make a payment on your loan.

You may stop by a branch or call us at 303.659.5450 if you're experiencing account issues or have other questions. Our team members are ready to go the extra mile for customers with storm-related problems or concerns!

The Valley Bank location closest to Lyons is 418 8th Street, Dacono, CO 80514. 8th St in Dacono is also known as Rt 52. From Lyons/Longmont the best route to take I-25 south to Rt 52 due to possible flooding north of Erie along Boulder Creek.