Correction: Local Heroes Dave Wechsler And Steve McCain


Steve McCain did not act alone. Dave Wechsler of Lyons Portable Welding participated too.

CDOT was on site the morning of Friday, Sept 12th. Their official recognized the bridge was in jeopardy but decided to let the bridge wash out because they lacked the resources to respond. Dave and Steve dumped whatever boulders they could find into the flow to stop the erosion. The work took more than a day to complete.


There was much talk on Thursday and Friday(9/12, 9/13) that the 5th St bridge near town hall would be condemned. It is a vital link between the south and north side of town. It is the only bridge upstream of the confluence of the North and South St. Vrain Creeks. Emergency officials continually asked residents not to drive on because they feared each use by a passenger vehicle would bring it one step closer to collapse. They feared a rescue vehicle would be prevented from crossing and loss of life may occur.

There was much talk about town that bridge would fail or not. The pavement near the southwest corner of the bridge was undermined. During high water, a blue Toyota mini-van was teetering on the edge with one end in the water while being beaten by a flailing telephone pole. There were sink holes in the pavement on both side of the bridge.

Steve McCain of Hatrock Excavating learned of the problems and is reported saying "I'll be damned if that bridge is going to fail". Using his backhoe, he dropped several boulders and several loads of course rock into the flow to stop the undermining and fill the sinkholes.

The bridge is still single lane only. On Monday(9/16), conversations with a guardsman indicate that an inspector has checked out the bridge and it is no longer considered in jeopardy.