Official information on the flash flood in Lyons can be found at:
Lyons Recorder has coverage beyond the official info from FEMA and Boulder. It is broken into sections covering:

Tax Filing and Payment Relief for persons affected by Colorado flooding

September 13, 2013, Denver, CO -- The Colorado Department of Revenue will extend filing deadlines

for taxes by waiving penalty and interest for 30 days for any taxpayer affected by the floods that cannot file and pay a tax by the due date.

Generally, the Department of Revenue follows the Internal Revenue Service's lead for extending filing deadlines because of natural disasters. However, due to the unprecedented nature and scope of the flooding, the Department of Revenue is taking additional measures to assist taxpayers during this emergency.

For those taxpayers directly impacted by the flood, who as a result cannot file their tax returns by the required due date, the department will extend the filing deadline for 30 days without penalty and interest.

Taxes include individual, partnership, corporate, and fiduciary income taxes, withholding taxes, sales taxes, and excise taxes.

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