Letter to the Editor: Town Hug

Hi everyone,
Many of you know that for the past eleven months I have been working on what I called a “town hug” to commemorate Lyons recovery. This whole thing was born on the Channel 9 afternoon show one week after the flood. I was on air with Host Kim Christiansen when I brought up the idea of a town hug to show solidarity on our

return home. Kim loved the idea and asked that I stay in touch with Channel 9 as to when it would take place. I began talking to other local TV stations about covering this as well. Then I received dozens of emails asking me to hold off until more town’s people could return home.

Once I found out the there was going to be anniversary commemoration weekend coming up during the second week of September, I began talking to the folks organizing the event. I am very pleased to announce that the “town hug” is going to take place during the commemoration weekend. Details on the exact time and place will be published this week in press releases.

I am working on getting all of the Denver TV stations to cover this as well as ABC New York. We should have local and national TV coverage for the hug. This is critical for Lyons because it shows the world that we are into full-blown recovery stage, and our town is open for business. I think it will bring us very important exposure. Also I have been told that thousands of folks will be attending the Bohn Park commemoration ceremony on Saturday. It very well could be we may approach a world record for the most folks in a hug. I am looking into that right now. Most important though is the symbolic gesture of the hug. It shows that our town is fighting back and doing everything we can to return to normal.

This has been my brainchild and my dream since the flood. Now it’s finally going to happen, and I couldn’t be more pleased for our town. Thanks to everyone who is helping to make this dream come true.

Greg Berman