A REALLY BIG Thank You To The Students At Eagle Crest Elementary School In Longmont

Dear Editor,
This past week the Lyons Garden Club received a big surprise, a check from Eagle Crest Elementary School in the amount of $956! I decided that a simple Thank-you note wasn’t enough for this amazing show of kindness, so I called the school’s secretary, Karen Silveria, to get information on how this gift came about!

There are three teachers at Eagle Crest who live in Lyons: Sheila Freehill, Nancy Dudley, and Tracey Smith; these teachers shared with their students the devastation Lyons suffered in the flood last September. Eagle Crest is a “Leadership School,” and Sheila Freehill felt the students could be more committed to community service; the students in fourth grade were the main motivators of this project. The elementary students decided they wanted to work together to make a difference helping the flood victims of Lyons replant their yards. They called this idea the “Plant It Forward Project” and working with their teachers and parents, held a bake sale and dollar drive from April 21, to May 2. They also held a talent show on April 25, using this event to help collect money for Lyons residents, as well as a collection jar in the front entrance to their school. One young girl, who wants to remain anonymous, had received a one hundred dollar bill from her grandmother as a gift; this amazing young lady gave that one hundred dollar bill to the “Plant it Forward Project.”

The Lyons Garden Club will earmark this money for homes affected by last September’s flood, putting together a list of homeowners that want help re-planting their yards. This may not happen in the spring or summer of 2014, but hopefully by 2015 those homes will be ready to receive new plants. Please visit our website: lyonsgardenclub.org to be sure we know the homes interested in this project.

The parents, faculty, and principal (Ryan Ball) of these students should be extremely proud! Being the mother of two grown children, I know the importance of instilling these values at an early age; you all have done an excellent job! The Lyons Garden Club thanks you, and the gardens affected by our flood thank you!

Sue Wratten,
Treasurer, Lyons Garden Club

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