Governor Signs Bills Into Law

Mayor Rocks The Crowd

Lyons Mayor John O’Brien welcomed Governor John Hickenlooper, State Representative Jonathan Singer, and about a half dozen other State Representatives and Senators from across the state to Lyons last Saturday (May 16). The confab of politicos gathered along the banks of the St. Vrain River in the Confluence

Neighborhood, while scores of residents and volunteers took time out of their lunch break to watch Governor John Hickenlooper sign a half dozen bills, recently passed by the Colorado Legislature, into law. O’Brien gave the crowd a brief civics lesson, as well as a well-received rendition of “I’m Just A Bill” from the 1970s Saturday morning “School House Rock!” educational cartoon series. The elder folks in the audience ate it up; the younger ones had no idea.

The most significant of these bills that were signed into law here in Lyons was, as Representative Singer (who championed the passage of the bill) described it, “the if the Assessor can’t find your house you don’t have to pay taxes on it bill." Essentially, this bill says if your home is destroyed by a natural disaster (i.e., a flood, wildfire, tornado, etc.) you are given relief from paying property taxes on said residence. Singer told the crowd that it was the first bill introduced during the legislative session, and it took the entire one hundred and twenty day schedule to get it passed. But he was proud of the effort, and the fact that in the end, “the bill wasn’t gutted.”

The Governor and Representative Singer spoke highly of the bipartisan cooperation by both branches of the legislature in getting these bills passed, and of the incredible sense of community here in Lyons; they praised the volunteer efforts that have gone on to help the town rebound, and looked around at the houses in the vicinity, conceded that the “job” still had a long way to go, and pledged their continued support.

After all the speeches, the Governor sat down at a flagged-draped antique desk (supplied for the occasion by Lyons Mercantile) to put pen to paper and make everything “official.”


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