Lyons Now Has Its Own Flood Recovery Outreach Team

Colorado Spirit - Mountain Outreach Team

By Janaki Jane
If you haven’t seen the folks in blue around town yet, you will soon. The Lyons area now has its own Colorado Spirit Mountain Outreach Flood Recovery Team. 

So if someone in a blue shirt knocks on your door, or talks to you on Main Street, and asks you: “How are you doing? How were you affected by the flood?” they really are here to help.

The team already, in a different incarnation, visited and left a flyer at almost every residence in town. The old team had the entirety of Boulder County to cover, though. Now there is a team devoted just to Lyons and Environs; including Hygiene, Allenspark, Raymond/Riverside, and up Hwy 36 to the Larimer border.

Colorado Spirit’s job it to provide resources and referrals; help make connections; and offer emotional support and crisis counseling. The team’s goal is to contact, more than once, everyone in the area who was impacted by the flood, either directly or indirectly. Around here, of course, that means everyone in the area.

The team will also be showing up at meetings and offering support groups. They have a file full of resources; with contact information for residents about grants, loans, housing and legal help, mold mitigation, and more.

The team offers support groups, too. As strong as everyone in Lyons has been, and continues to be, in recovering from the flood, sometimes people need to tell their story to someone new. Or to express frustration with how slowly their recovery is going, or just a place to not be so strong for an hour. For everyone, the Colorado Spirit team offers community support groups. This isn’t therapy, it’s just a chance to share with others who have been through similar things, and now need a chance to speak and be heard.

The Lyons and Environs Colorado Spirit Team is in the area until the end of the year. They are here to offer counseling, referrals, and link residents to the people and agencies that can assist them with flood-related concerns.

Contact the Lyons and Environs Colorado Spirit Team by calling or texting (720) 226-8709, or (720) 498-1759, or at
Colorado Spirit Teams in Boulder County are a program of Mental Health Partners.

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