The Travel Gals

By Kate Kerr
Lyons Volunteers work hard, and get hungry and thirsty. Some actually skip lunch to finish up their projects. Water bottles and lunch vouchers for seven dollars off a meal anywhere in town are generously provided, but clearing debris, shoveling, cleaning, etc., can make volunteers wistful for a soda and snacks.

Kristin Devendorf and eleven-year old Madison, of Superior, were anxious to find ways to help after the flood. The Town of Lyons’ insurance

company mandates that volunteers under age eighteen cannot work on work orders coordinated by Lyons Volunteers.  So, thinking creatively, Kristin and Madison, known as the “Travel Gals,” loaded up their car with snacks and cold drinks to sell to volunteers, with all proceeds going to the Lyons Community Foundation (LCF).

Saturday, April 13, was their first day. With temperatures in the sixties, thirsty volunteers welcomed the soda option and enjoyed the snacks. One homeowner, Molly Morton, even paid for all volunteers on her site to enjoy whatever treats they wanted as they shoveled fourteen dump truck loads of dirt to fill in the foundation under her newly raised house.

Fifth grader Madison was also selling her handmade “Rainbow Loom” bracelets for three dollars each, with all proceeds going to the LCF.  She had red, white and blue ones on this day, but promised more color options in the future.

“The Travel Gals” support volunteer efforts in other damaged towns as well. They know kids can do extraordinary things, and are always looking for more ways to involve everyone of any age. Visit their website:    
Kristin sent an email blast to all of her co-workers at Exempla Healthcare.  Over one hundred and fifty responded, many not having time to come to Lyons and other towns to volunteer, but willing to donate household items, supplies and money. At least one of her co-workers helped fill Molly Morton’s foundation.

Lyons Volunteers may want a few dollars handy for when “The Travel Gals” pull up at their worksite.

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