BOT Approves Recovery Actions

By Amy Reinholds
Everyone who worked on project development guide documents on the Housing Recovery Working Group in February and March should know how their ideas have been assigned to town boards, commissions and other groups. If you want to participate in the work that is going on with the responsible board,

commission, task force, town officials, or staff, contact the group or groups that are listed as “responsible parties” or “key partners.”

Each group will be prioritizing the work assigned. For recovery actions assigned to the Housing Recovery Task Force, we are inviting volunteers to participate and lead subcommittees that will be addressing the recovery actions. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Under the Housing Objective 1.3: Increase opportunities for affordable housing:

HOU 1.3.1: Encourage the development/construction of housing that is affordable by:

a) virtue of the lot size, regulatory incentives, construction methodology and material usage, density;

b) The use of financial subsidies and volunteer organizations (HOU-1 PDG: new affordable homes by subsidies and HOU -6 PDG: new housing that is affordable by its nature).
Responsible party: Housing Recovery Task Force (HRTF), key partners: Planning and Community Development Commission (PCDC) and Lyons Volunteers

HOU 1.3.2: Encourage the development/construction of manufactured housing (including prefabricated, modular, and mobile homes) (HOU-4 PDG: manufactured housing for displaced residents).
Responsible party: HRTF

HOU 1.3.3: Encourage the construction of alternative and sustainable housing developments with different ownership models (HOU-2 PDG: model development of affordable green homes and HOU -5 PDG miracle village permaculture).

Responsible party: Sustainable Futures Commission (SFC), key partner: HRTF

Under Housing Objective 1.1: Encourage and facilitate the rebuilding of the Lyons housing stock and the return of residents displaced by flooding:

HOU 1.1.1: Create a database of residents who were displaced and homes that were destroyed. (HOU-3 PDG: facilitating displaced residents who decide to rebuild)
Responsible party: Human Services Task Force, key partners: town staff

HOU 1.1.2: Expedite the regulatory review process (HOU-3 PDG facilitating displaced residents who decide to rebuild).
Responsible party: town staff, key partners: BOT

HOU 1.1.3: Leverage volunteer efforts and to technical expertise to assist with reconstruction/rebuilding efforts (HOU-3 PDG facilitating displaced residents who decide to rebuild).

Responsible party: town staff, key partners: Human Services Task Force, Lyons Volunteers

HOU 1.1.4: Create temporary RV access for displaced residents (HOU-8 PDG temporary RV park for displaced residents).

Responsible party: Human Services Task Force, key partner: town staff

Under Housing Objective 1.2: Promote safe, stable, diverse neighborhoods throughout Lyons that provide a range of housing options and link residents to destinations to learn, work and shop:

HOU 1.2.1: Evaluate and modify existing regulations and codes regarding construction of residential structures in floodplain areas (HOU-7 PDG: resilience and building regulation).
Responsible party: BOT, key partner: town staff

Under Infrastructure Objective 1.1: Ensure that the Town has a long-term plan for providing water, wastewater and electrical services to residents and businesses in Lyons’ planning area:

INF 1.1.2: Incentivize the implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures to create resilient and sustainable energy distribution (INF-5 PDG: Off-grid renewable energy generation and energy efficiency upgrades).

Responsible party: Sustainable Futures Commission, key partner: Utilities & Engineering Board
In addition, the Arts, Culture, and Historic Preservation Recovery Working Group created a project development guide that is related to housing. Under Arts, Culture & Historic Preservation 1.1: Create opportunities for arts & artists to thrive in Lyons:

ACH 1.1.1: Create a live-work development that can provide affordable housing for artists as well as a space to incubate their trade and business. (ACH-2 PDG: live/work space mixed use for artists)
responsible party: Lyons Arts and Humanities Council, key partner: HRTF April 15 Housing Recovery Task Force meeting

On Tuesday, April 15, the Housing Recovery Task Force (HRTF) will have a Q & A session with representatives who have worked with nonprofits or other groups for affordable housing developments. The meeting starts at 6 p.m. at Town Hall.

For more information about the Lyons Housing Recovery Task Force, see

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