Nine Reasons To Not Volunteer

By Kate Kerr
Every Wednesday and Saturday, Lyons Volunteers meet at 9 a.m., at Rogers Hall (Fourth Avenue and High Street). Volunteers are efficiently organized into teams, equipped, and deployed to assist with prioritized


Reasons not to volunteer:

1. I don’t have any skills; never used a shovel; can’t pound in a nail. 
Perfection is not required. Enthusiasm counts.  Learn some new skills. You may surprise yourself.

2. I can’t work all day.
Even a few hours can make a big difference.

3.  I need to be with my kids.
Perhaps co-op with another family?

4. I’m not very strong. My back! My knees!
Let the volunteer coordinator know that you have some limitations. There are many light duty jobs such as removing brush, sweeping and carrying light things. Listen to your body and do only what is comfortable for you.

5. The weather is so iffy; it’s too cold; too hot, too windy.
Dress in layers.  Wear a hat.  Drink plenty of the provided water.  Choose an indoor job.å

6. I don’t have any gloves or work clothes.
Work gloves and a Lyons Volunteer t-shirt are provided. Wear jeans, sturdy shoes, a couple of old shirts and an old jacket.

7. I’m worried about inhaling toxic dust and mold.
Face masks are available. Discuss medical concerns with the volunteer coordinator.

8. I might not know anyone.
You are sure to make new friends on your work team.

9. I’m too old
Hey, this is Colorado. That excuse just doesn’t work.

The work each volunteer brings is heart-based and out of love for our neighbors in need and for our town. Hours spent on post-flood volunteering acts as a credit against our town’s enormous FEMA debt.  Please volunteer if you can.  And guess what--it’s fun!

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