Link to get Up-to-date Snowpack Info

With the upcoming concerns regarding spring runoff, people have been inquiring where to get up-to-date snowpack data.  This link will take you directly to the Natural Resources Conservation Service Natural Resources Conservation Services Snotel (automated snow survey sites) daily data.

When accessing the link scroll to the South Platte River Basin.

  • St. Vrain River Drainage:  Use Bear Lake and Copeland Lake data
  • Lefthand River Drainage: Use University Camp and Niwot data
  • Boulder Creek Drainage: Use Lake Eldora, Niwot and University Camp data

Particular interest is the Snow Water Equivalent, which measure the amount of water in inches currently being measured within the snowpack.  Listed on this site is the median recording over a 30 year average for snow water equivalents for this site, as well as a percentage of Median.  For snow pack right now we are averaging 145% within the South Platte River Basin.  This information is also available for precipitation; current, average, and percent of average totals.  Obviously the higher the percent of average, the higher spring runoff anticipated.


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