Significant Structures Damaged.

Sewage & Water Plants: The greatest losses to Lyons are its water treatment plant and the sewage treatment plant.

There is no water pressure and if there was you wouldn't want to drink it. The plant east of Lyons on Rt. 66 has been breached. There is no estimate for its repair at this writing.

The sewage treatment plant is full of water. The effluent has escaped into the St. Vrain Creek. The people of Lyons offer a heartfelt apology to Longmont, Sterling, Julesberg, Lincoln, Omaha, St. Louis, Memphis, Baton Rouge, New Orleans and the wildlife in the Gulf Of Mexico.

Stay out of the river. Towns up stream from Lyons have the same problems. A small scratch can become infected easily. Light skin breaks can be treated with soap/water and antiboitic such as neosporin. Catch them early before a more serious infection can develop. See the doctors at the evacuation centers if in doubt.

Flushing in Lyons will dump waste into the creek. Officials recommend using the portolets for solid wastes and an up hill tree/bush for liquid wastes.

Planet Bluegrass: The festival grounds are underwater. One can see the band shell, pavilion and office buildings from the cliffs on North 5th Ave. but their integrity is unknown now. Its likely the festival grounds are as torn up and littered with rubish as every other patch of grass or meadow in down.

Town Of Lyons Public Works: It is located on south 2nd street. Its foundation has been stripped away. One end of the building are dangling and twisted. The other is still square.

St. Vrain Market endured a torrent of water up to the door knobs. The floor and patio have a layer of mud. Staff was clearing it away today.

Town Hall was flooded. Being built of redstone, the building held together. The interior damage is unknown.

A small home at the intersection of Red Gulch and Rt. 7 has had half of its baseboard area cut out. The remains hangs in the air. The ground under that section of the house is washed away too.

We haven't been able to check on the trailer park across from the old swimming hole. But there can't be much to check on. It is located just above the narrowing of the canyon prior to Meadow Park. We'd love to hear otherwise but we believe it may have received the harshest treatment of any area in Lyons.