Road & Bridge Failures

The bridge at West main, northern most red dot, is damaged but passable. Officials are limiting traffic to the west.

The bridge at 5th Ave is damaged but passable on one lane. Officials are allowing residents to the south west to leave by this route.

The bridge at 2nd Ave is in tack and serving as a great tree collector. The road to the south was washed away.

The bridge at McConnell Dr is in tack but the road is washed away to the west. The two pond adjacent to the road are gone. The southern pond was an enormous rotating horizontal cylinder that devours logs, propane tanks, dumpsters and refrigerators. If a person were caught in it, death from bludgeoning would occur before drowning.

The bridge at the intersection of Rt 66 and Rt 36 south appears in tack but is unstable and is expected to collapse soon.

All the yellow foot bridges were snapped like pretzel sticks. In some places, the remains are lodged in trees. In other places, no evidence of a foot bridge exists. If the foot bridges were still in place, they would be hanging in the air 20-30 feet over the new central river channel. The foot bridges use to connect town to Bohn Park, Bohn and Vasquez Fields. The northern side of these softball fields no longer exist. The fences are twisted in disarray. There is mud piled at least 4 feet deep on Bohn Field's right field area. It is a quick sand threat. Grass lodged in the chain link on the 1st base side of Bohn Field and created a dam that diverted water around the new tennis / basketball court. Instead the water flowed into the parking area which now has 8 foot ravines.

The undermined road may be the most dangerous part of town because it is very natural to want to look over the edge to see the river below. The ledge may give way. The unplanned swim will be much like a flushing a spider down a dirty toilet.

Sinkholes are reported in various places around. Our reporters have found them. The culverts in many places are spouting water due to clogs and over filling.

We have little information on Rt. 36 / West Main St toward Estes Park except that we know it is closed. We have little information on Rt 7 / South Saint Vrain toward Allenspark except that we know it is closed.