By St. Jean-Jacques Coquille
Editor's Note: The Lyons Recorder would like to welcome our new food/restaurant critic Monsieur Coquille to the fold. He will be covering food, wine, etc., when ever he can finagle a free meal from an unsuspecting restaurant owner in the vicinity. 

A very receptive, and adventurous crowd attended The Stone Cup's second Summer Stone Table dinner earlier this month. Modou brought in a former colleague, Cameron Staiton from his days in the New York gourmet dinning world, and the two talented kitchen wizards cooked up a light seasonal menu that tantalized the taste buds, and pleased the palette.

They say, “presentation is everything,” and that certainly rang true this evening. The first course was a chilled melon soup. A “levee” of finely diced melon, purple basil, brunoise, and a zest of lime was positioned slightly off-center in the middle of a chilled soup bowl. The delectable melon soup was then ladled into one side of the bowl to create a “canvas” that any post-modern abstract artist would have been proud of. One hesitated to indulge in the first spoonful, though only for a moment, for fear of mussing up the visual.

The second course was a delightful spinach and kale salad, plucked from a nearby garden that very afternoon,   lightly dressed with a buttermilk, honey, and herb dressing, then sprinkled with local feta cheese and spiced nuts.

The entree for the evening's repast was a delicately sauteed fillet of Idaho trout in a lemon butter sauce served with area farm vegetables seasoned with sage, lemon, peppercorns, tuille, and tarragon.

For dessert, another creation that words alone cannot do justice. An avocado ice cream, garnished with thinly sliced candied cherry tomatoes (cooked in a simple syrup with mint), vanilla, lemon balm, and a drizzle of honey. And to add an unexpected texture to the dish, crushed tortilla chips. Unorthodox to say the least, but truly delicious!
The next Summer Stone Table dinner will be Wednesday, July 26, at 6:30 p.m. Seating is limited and reservations are required (823-2345). Vegetarian options are available. Beer, wine, cocktails, and other beverages are sold separately.

Carrie Gonzalez, longtime owner of the Honey Store east of Lyons has moved to New Mexico to start a new life after the flood, but the store itself is buzzing with activity. Under new ownership/management, with a new (honey bee-inspired) paint job, a new name (Let It Bee, Honey Store & More) and with new hours, Jenna Meling wants the Lyons community to know

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